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Month: September 2018

Shop, Save, Share and Earn with Ebates

There are few programs with as many benefits as EBates. As with most of the programs we recommend, there is no cost to join. Even better, there are no requirements to join. Not only that, once you join you get $10 off your first $25 purchase. Basically, you simply create a username and password. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, add the Ebates extension and you are ready to go.

Save Money Instantly with Hundreds of Merchants

Save anywhere from 2% to 10% while you shop. As you browse merchant websites, EBates notifies you of eligible opportunities. Simply accept and there rest is done behind the scenes. You select your merchandise and your rebate is added to your EBates account. Ebates can be paid to you by check or directly to your Paypal account.

Refer Your Blog Readers or Friends and Everyone Wins

EBates gives $10 of their first purchase and if you are an EBates member and refer someone who completes their first purchase, you receive $25. Ten successful referrals can earn you $250. It doesn’t take long before the referral money really adds up.

Ebates Appeals to Every Shopper

You can get 2% off while shopping on Ebay which means that you can get an extra discount on almost everything you might purchase. Amazon rebates range up to 5%. If you monitor the EBates website, there are daily specialist and even merchants giving double discounts. Below are a few recent discount offers.

EBates is great
Sign Up for Ebates Today and Save Right Away

Start Now to Help Others and Help Yourself

The sign up process only takes minutes, the plugin is a matter of selection. Was there something you were thinking of buying, but waiting for a sale? With Ebates merchants, purchases are discounted every day. What more could you want, a program that doesn’t cost to join and pays you to spread the word? Click here to Sign up for EBates.

Tools for Better Writing

Editing for Grammar and Clarity

Writing gets better with guidance and practice; with blogging, we get plenty of practice, but sometimes it’s hard to find authoritative guidance. Some writers enroll in classes to improve writing, but we don’t all have that luxury. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques and online tools that can help us to identify grammar problems and even tutor us in clearer, more direct writing.

If you are like me, I have difficulty proofreading online. I generally compose in MS Word, which has built-in spelling and grammar-checking options. Then I print out my blog and read it aloud (when I’m all alone!), so I can hear any rough patches.

Lately, I have been using Grammarly as I compose. Now, I am a writing teacher, and Grammarly catches mistakes even I make. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of typos, grammar, and spelling errors, the free version of Grammarly is your friend, and the paid, premium version is even better. The free version will check for over 150 typical grammar and spelling errors, while the premium version will check for 250+ advanced errors, suggest vocabulary enhancements—great when you use the same word over and over, and indicate plagiarism. The premium version will even check for level of formality, distinguishing between academic, business, or creative writing.

If you are concerned about style, the Hemingway app’s free online version will check your prose for sentence readability, unnecessary adverbs, uses of passive voice, and phrases that have simpler alternatives. The desktop app paid version is relatively inexpensive: a one-time fee of $19.99. You can publish from the app directly to WordPress or Medium, and you can directly import text from MS Word or other word processing software, eliminating the need to cut and paste.

Good grammar and clear sentences reach more readers and save you embarrassment. Use the tools at your disposal to write correctly and to improve with practice.

Monetize Your Blog 1! 2! 3!

Add Some Zip to Your Posts With Affiliate Links

Blogging can be fun and satisfying but with the addition of affiliate links, it can also be rewarding. By adding a simple html code or image with a link, you can be on your way to monetizing your blog.

Everyone is a winner!

Affiliate links are a win 3 ways. First of all, you make opportunities and products available to readers, second, companies gain access to your audience and last of all, you get a paid for hosting links. Some companies pay a set fee and some pay a percentage of the purchase amount. Both these are calculated automatically and credited to your main account.

Introducing Affiliate Program

The affiliate program we will be introducing today is This company is one of the largest affiliate representatives. Nearly 4,000 merchants participate in this affiliate program. So if you blog about kitchenware, clothing, webhosting, marketing, collectables, or nearly any service, there is an affiliate link that you can include in your posts.

Watch Your Blog Earnings Grow with Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are Just the Beginning for an Influencer

As your influence grows, you may also get free items to test and review, might get paid directly for writing about products in addition to getting paid from affiliate links. Be sure to include necessary disclaimers. You can find numerous resources about disclaimers for blogs through Google. The ShareASale opportunity here is completely free to sign up.

If You Can Think of a Product or Service, There is a Link

Most merchants provide a wide range of ways to post links to their selling pages. These can be simple text links, banners, graphics or even specific product pictures. Merchants vested in getting consumers to visit their sales pages and do the most to provide ready make marketing materials for you.

Your Blogging Adventure Starts Here

Once you click the link below, you will be led through a very simple sign up sheet. Approval for the program is very quick and once you access your account you can browse affiliate programs by topic. Many of the Merchants give automatic approval to their programs so you can be generating blog income the same day you’re are approved for the ShareASale Affiliate program.

Instead of Working for Your Blog, Make Your Blog Work for You

Even if you are thinking about monetizing your blog, sign up today free so when you blog is ready, you will be able to add your links right way. Click on this url to begin:

Brainstorming for fresh ideas

Bloggers brainstorming

Writer’s block: we all get stuck from time to time, but did you know there are fun ways to create content and you don’t have to do it alone? Smart bloggers brainstorm with others to generate ideas.

Brainstorming with friends or family can move even the most stubborn blocks. The design firm IDEO uses seven rules of brainstorming to create lots of options, and these can be applied to overcoming writer’s block:

  • Defer judgment. Record all the ideas; refrain from saying that’s “good” or that’s “bad.” Just record them all.
  • Encourage wild ideas. You never know when you will come up with the seed of a brilliant idea in something that initially sounds crazy.
  • Build on the ideas of others. If your friend has a suggestion, add to it, refine it, augment it.
  • Stay focused on the topic. Sometimes it’s easy to get off track; bring the conversation back to blog ideas.
  • One conversation at a time. If you have a brainstorming group of four or more, make certain everyone is in the same conversation together.
  • Be visual. Draw your ideas; you are not trying to be a great artist, just trying to bring a new perspective to the ideas you generate.
  • Go for quantity. Generate a lot of ideas, and you will have some options.

Make a party of your brainstorming session: serve lots of snacks and libations. Offer prizes for the wildest idea or the person with the most drawings. Remember, those you invite to brainstorm are helping you out; treat them well.

Is Your Blog Privacy Policy Current? Update it Free.

Every Blog Must Have a Privacy Statement

All blogs should have privacy statements.  If you blog with a blogging site, this is probably done for you, but if you have a hosted website, you will need to add one. If you have had your blog before April, 2018, it probably is not compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Why a Privacy Statement?

In every move you make on the Internet, from posting comments, uploading pictures and files, merely opening a webpage, there is information conveyed about you. It can be collected by cookies, monitored by search engines, embedded as code in your files. As a matter of transparency and to protect a webmaster from being accused of abuse, a privacy statement is necessary to protect you, whether you intentionally or automatically collect data.

Free privacy statement generator.
Always keep your privacy statement updated on your website.

Can It Be That Important?

Almost anything legal is allowed if you inform those to be affected that they have a choice in the matter. A privacy statement gives the user a choice to visit your site with the understanding specific information will be collected. If they don’t agree, they can avoid your site. Using your site when a privacy statement is provided gives consent and protection to the web host. Also, if your blog uses Google Analytics, an updated privacy policy is a requirement.

Update Your Privacy Statement for Free!

There is an online tool to which you provide your basic blog information, and it generates a privacy statement which is compliant with both GDPR and CalOOPA (California Privacy) regulations. It only takes a few minutes, is provided at no cost, and nearly 1 million websites have used this tool. Click here for access.