Writer’s block: we all get stuck from time to time, but did you know there are fun ways to create content and you don’t have to do it alone? Smart bloggers brainstorm with others to generate ideas.

Brainstorming with friends or family can move even the most stubborn blocks. The design firm IDEO uses seven rules of brainstorming to create lots of options, and these can be applied to overcoming writer’s block:

  • Defer judgment. Record all the ideas; refrain from saying that’s “good” or that’s “bad.” Just record them all.
  • Encourage wild ideas. You never know when you will come up with the seed of a brilliant idea in something that initially sounds crazy.
  • Build on the ideas of others. If your friend has a suggestion, add to it, refine it, augment it.
  • Stay focused on the topic. Sometimes it’s easy to get off track; bring the conversation back to blog ideas.
  • One conversation at a time. If you have a brainstorming group of four or more, make certain everyone is in the same conversation together.
  • Be visual. Draw your ideas; you are not trying to be a great artist, just trying to bring a new perspective to the ideas you generate.
  • Go for quantity. Generate a lot of ideas, and you will have some options.

Make a party of your brainstorming session: serve lots of snacks and libations. Offer prizes for the wildest idea or the person with the most drawings. Remember, those you invite to brainstorm are helping you out; treat them well.

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