There are few programs with as many benefits as EBates. As with most of the programs we recommend, there is no cost to join. Even better, there are no requirements to join. Not only that, once you join you get $10 off your first $25 purchase. Basically, you simply create a username and password. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, add the Ebates extension and you are ready to go.

Save Money Instantly with Hundreds of Merchants

Save anywhere from 2% to 10% while you shop. As you browse merchant websites, EBates notifies you of eligible opportunities. Simply accept and there rest is done behind the scenes. You select your merchandise and your rebate is added to your EBates account. Ebates can be paid to you by check or directly to your Paypal account.

Refer Your Blog Readers or Friends and Everyone Wins

EBates gives $10 of their first purchase and if you are an EBates member and refer someone who completes their first purchase, you receive $25. Ten successful referrals can earn you $250. It doesn’t take long before the referral money really adds up.

Ebates Appeals to Every Shopper

You can get 2% off while shopping on Ebay which means that you can get an extra discount on almost everything you might purchase. Amazon rebates range up to 5%. If you monitor the EBates website, there are daily specialist and even merchants giving double discounts. Below are a few recent discount offers.

EBates is great
Sign Up for Ebates Today and Save Right Away

Start Now to Help Others and Help Yourself

The sign up process only takes minutes, the plugin is a matter of selection. Was there something you were thinking of buying, but waiting for a sale? With Ebates merchants, purchases are discounted every day. What more could you want, a program that doesn’t cost to join and pays you to spread the word? Click here to Sign up for EBates.

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