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Search Engines Are Looking for Your Tags

Images Increase User Experience

Although blogging uses text to convey concepts, it is important to remember that a multi-media experience can enhance a reader’s experience. Images used in a blog convey concepts quickly, break up text blocks visually and if tagged properly, they can increase the number of times a blog is indexed by search engines.

Search is Still a Relatively Text-Based System

Most images are found by search images, not by what they picture, but the
information added by the creators. There are three opportunities that a blogger has to add content to an image. Be sure to understand these and integrate them into your blog posts.

1). The Image URL
If your image source is, search
engines have little reason to list it. It will be essentially lost in ambiguity. Prior to uploading your image, give it a descriptive name, preferably one with a keyword featured in your blog post. If you wish to use multiple words you can break them up with dashes such as .com/picture-of-effective-blog-post.jpg.

2). Subtitles/Captions
Not only do subtitles engage a reader, but they also give a blogger the opportunity to use their keywords again. Remember, a search engine does not see an image as content so a caption can tell a search engine what the picture actually displays. Use your captions to emphasize concepts you want readers to remember as a picture/word combination is a powerful tool.

3). Alt Tag of Your Image
An Alt Tag is the replacement description that is shown if your image does not load. Since the caption and image url are already part of the content, try to make your sure Alt Tag is a little different that the other two, but still conveying keyword content. Variety is very appealing to search engines when indexing. To use the same content for the image, caption and Alt Tags defeats the purpose of attracting attention.

Tag, Tag, Tag Away to a Successful Blog

If you tag your images properly, you will be surprised how readily they are picked up and displayed in the image section of search engine results. Essentially, images extend the visibility of your blog and can increase readership by reaching audiences outside to traditional channels.

Since pictures can convey a thousand words, use your image tags to give search engines (which are essentially blind) a hint of what what words to assign to your pictures.

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